Magna Grecia excursion in Olympia, Greece

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Magna Grecia Farm Experience outside of Olympia

This summer (2023) I had the privilege to sail on the Norwegian Breakaway, visiting Italy, Greece, and Malta. One of my favorite excursions was the Magna Grecia Olive Grove. I was able to discover the rich history and exquisite flavors of Greek olive oil during this immersive excursion near the ancient site of Olympia. This experience combines the historical significance of the region with the culinary excellence of Greek olive oil production.The excursion began with a scenic drive through the picturesque landscapes of the Peloponnese peninsula. The route takes you through rolling hills and lush countryside, with olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see.Upon arrival at Magna Grecia, we were greeted with a glass of Greek White Table Wine, a shot of Ouzo, and some olive bread. We then had the opportunity to explore the ancient trees that produce some of the world's finest olives. Learn about the traditional and modern methods of olive cultivation and harvesting from knowledgeable local experts.We were able to experience the olive oil production process up close with a guided tour of an olive oil mill. Witness the pressing of olives and the extraction of the precious oil. Discover the factors that contribute to the unique flavor profiles of Greek olive oils. Next, we indulged our taste buds with a guided olive oil tasting session. Sample a variety of extra virgin olive oils, each with its own distinct characteristics, from peppery and robust to fruity and mild. Learn how to identify the nuances in aroma and flavor.At lunch, we were able to savor the flavors of Greece with a traditional Greek lunch made with locally sourced ingredients, including fresh olive oil. Enjoy dishes such as Greek salads, sausages, grilled vegetables, and olive oil-infused delicacies this was served with a delicious Greek Red Table Wine. As we dined, we were entertained by a lovely family teaching us traditional Greek Dances. We danced and laughed a lot that day. Opa!Before concluding the excursion, we had the chance to purchase high-quality olive oils and related products, including olive-based cosmetics and souvenirs, to take a piece of Greece home with you.After a day filled with olive oil education and gastronomic delights, we returned to Olympia with a newfound appreciation for one of Greece's most treasured culinary treasures.I highly recommend this excursion on your cruise to Greece!

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